Editor’s Pick > PHOTO: 1990 F1 Tyrrell 019-Ford

PHOTO: 1990 F1 Tyrrell 019-Ford

Tyrrell 019

This photo not only makes me happy, it also brings me back to a time where small Formula 1 teams had the freedom to try something different to overcome their financial or staffing deficiencies.

The 1990 Tyrrell 019 design, with its then-radical raised nose and anhedral front wing design, was miles ahead of the competition in the aerodynamics department. It showed as Jean Alesi, with a pedestrian Ford Cosworth DFR V8 engine, was a semi-frequent nemesis to the top McLaren, Williams, and Ferrari designs that season. A small, cash-strapped team, with a better idea and the ability to use to its advantage…what a concept and what an era.

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